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Biography of Souleymane MBOUP

Senegal > Science : Souleymane MBOUP

Biography :

Professor Souleymane Mboup born in 1951 in Dakar Senegal is an internationally  renowned scientist.Co-discovered HIV-2 virus; has conducted extensive AIDS research with Senegalese prosititutes since 1980s;
Making a significant contribution to the fight against AIDS, Soulemayne Mboup has greatly expanded scientific knowledge of the disease in Africa and has collaborated with top AIDS researchers in the United States. He is credited as one of the discoverers of the HIV-2 virus, and has done extensive work in developing epidemiological studies of AIDS


Professor Souleymane Mboup received a Pharm D degree at the University of Dakar in Senegal in 1976, an Immunology MS degree at Pasteur Institute in France in 1981 and a PHD in Bacteriology Virology in 1983 in TOURS (France).
Professor Mboup is distinguished for his important contributions to the analysis and control of HIV/AIDS in West Africa, particularly Senegal. He was instrumental in the initial identification of HIV-2 and also contributed to the finding that this virus is less virulent and less transmissible than HIV-1. He maintains active research collaboration with several academicians in France, the US and the UK. Several of his trainees now hold influential positions at international agencies such as the WHO. He was thus a natural choice as a member of the Partnership Board on the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP).
He has a growing contribution in malaria and tuberculosis which like HIV/AIDS, are major public health problems that are exceedingly difficult to control. He has undertaken very elegant molecular studies of genetics and transcriptomics of the malaria parasite that contribute to the choice of drugs for control of malaria. He has recently undertaken state of the art immuno-monitoring of the prevalence and incidence of tuberculosis infection and disease in Dakar using improved ELISPOT-based assays for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection and also provides baseline data for the assessment of new TB vaccines. Professor MBOUP has authored or co-authored 250 publications and 20 books.


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