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Biography of Eugène TERRE'BLANCHE

South Africa > Politics : Eugène TERRE'BLANCHE

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Biography :

Eugene Terre'Blanche born January 31, 1944- Died April 3, 1944 , was the Afrikaner white-supremacist terrorist leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, who has been allegedly hacked to death at the age of 69 by two young black South Africans for withholding the wages of labourers on his farm to whom he refused to pay 300 rands of overdue salary (30 Euros) although this has now been said to be false and it is said that he had sexually attacked the young men before they killed him, according to the BBC.

As a person from Sedgefeld said at the time of his death, "Any murder is a tragedy. The irony is that a primary crazy fueller of racial hatred, a monster with no morals, could by his murder do even more harm and create hate as he did in his tragic and wasted lifetime."

Ex policeman, an extremist and founder of the AWB, the Afrikaner resistance movement which had a symbol similar to the swastika. He organised a number of teerorist attacks at the moment of Nelson Mandela's liberation. Previously he had been condemned for having an arms horde and later for severely beating a black man with an iron bar after which the man suffered permanent brain damage.







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