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Biography of Nikky ONYERI

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Born on 22/11/1962 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Princess Nikky Onyeri (b. November 22, 1962), is a Nigerian advocate for breast cancer and  and empowerment of women in what she recognizes as a "mainly male-dominated culture" in Nigeria. She serves as chief executive of Princess Nikky Cancer Trust - whcih ranks as "the foremost non-governmental organization on cancer in Nigeria with special focus on Breast Cancer." She is finalizing her plans for a run for the Abuja Municipal Council Area and Bwari of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria

Since 1995, she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and provide education about cancer and to serve as an advocate for cancer patients and their families in the developing world.

In 1991 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and being told she had to remove a breast or die within six months. Siblings in England brought her there for a second opinion – a rarity for Nigerians – and doctors there found a benign cyst. Alarmed at the inaccurate diagnosis and limited treatment resources in her country, Princess Nikky began the foundation to help promote early detection and treatment options for women in Nigeria.The impetus behind her drive and persistence is a wrong diagnosis of cancer 15 years ago.Princess Nikky Onyeri has dedicated her life to speaking out to raise awareness about breast cancer in Africa. Princess Nikky Onyeri is not a member of a royal family, "Princess" is a given name, but for many of Nigeria's cancer survivors she is their princess. It's a passionate cause that defines her life.


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