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Biography of Fatéma HAL

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Fatéma HAL
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Biography :

Fatema Hal ( 1952) is a  chef of  and owner of the well known Mansouria restaurant in Paris. She is French and Moroccan origin.

Born in Oujda, Marocco. Fatéma now runs the Mansouria. She left her birthplace, at the age of 17, to come to France and marry a far cousin whom she didn't know. Fatéma came to the Val d'Oise region of the Ile de France, near Paris in the 1970's. After six years and the birth of her three children, she decided to pack her case and live her own life, in the face of social and family opposition.

A hard worker and with the desire to offer a better life to her three children, she went back to school and studied ethnology and Arab literature. Whilst studying at University, she also became an activitist in the suburbs, working as an animator in cultural centres, looking after the rights of emigrant women and ending up as a technical counsellor to the minister of Women's rights. She opened her Paris restaurant in 1984 and has written several books of recipes.

She is well known throughout the world as an expert on Moroccan cuisine, edits her own programme on cuisine on Moroccan TV and is a well known expert advising chains of stores such as Monoprix on Moroccan cuisine and dishes.



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