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Biography of Petina GAPPAH

Zimbabwe > Literature : Petina GAPPAH

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Biography :

Petina Gappah is a Zimbabwean writer and a voice of Zimbabwe. She  studied law at the Universities of Zimbabwe, Craz in Austria and Cambridge. Her short fiction is featured in two anthologies, Laughing Now and Women Writing Zimbabwe, both published in 2008 by Weaver Press, Zimbabwe. In 2007, she came second in a SADC-wide short story contest judged by J.M. Coetzee. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland with her son Kush, where she works as a lawyer for the ACWL, an organisation that advises developing countries on international trade law. Her debut novel An Elegy for Easterly ,  she dissects with real poignancy the lives of people caught up in a situation over which they have no control, as they deal with spiralling inflation, power cuts and financial hardship - a way of life under Mugabe's regime - and cope with issues common to all people everywhere; failed promises, disappointments and unfulfilled dreams. Compelling, unflinching and tender, "An Elegy for Easterly" is a defining book, and a stunning portrait of a country in chaotic meltdown.



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