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Biography of Sonia ROLLAND

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Born on 11/02/1981 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Sonia Rolland (b. February 11, 1981) ex Miss France and a Franco- Rwandan actrice.

She is well known for her emotive campaign in support of Rwandan orphans whose parents were killed in the 1994 genocide. She has created her own association "Maisha Africa" to defend this cause (the right to live in Africa).

Sonia Rolland was born in 1981 from a Rwandan mother and a french father. She spent her first years in Africa, until 1994 when they were forced to flee. They went to live in Bourgogne, her father's region. Hoping for a career in commerce and communication, her life was changed when in 1999 she was eected to become Miss "Bourgogne" and after several competitions, going onto become Miss France in 2000 and thus becoming the first mixed race African person to become Miss France.

Toward the end of her career as Miss France, she discovered her talent as actrice and took roles in several TV programmes. Her charitable association is well respected and Princess Stephanie of Monaco is a champion of her cause.

She was married for a short while and has a daughter called Tess.

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