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Biography of Kizzi NKWOCKA

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Born on 01/01/1968 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Public relations consultant Kizzi Nkwocha was born in Nigeria in 1968. He owns a publicity company called PHRQ. He came to London at the age of 21 and went to the London College of Printing where he trained for four years (1980 - 1984).

He has been the subject of a C4 documentary, presented his own talk show on Sky TV, co-presented a radio show in Spain and produced and presented both TV and radio programmes in Cyprus. Due to his work as a public relations consultant he was voted by The Voice newspaper as one of the top 100 most influential people in the UK.

His agency has represented clients as diverse as the King of Uganda to mistresses of President Clinton, campaign group Jubilee 2,000, most of the housemates from the UK shows, Big Brother and Castaway, Atlantic teen Michael Perham and Dragons Den businessman, Levi Roots.

Kizzi has also acted as media advisor to a host of TV and sports personalities including Pakistani Cricket Captain Wasim Akram and boxer Chris Eubanks. In early 2001 the former newspaper journalist was "canonised" the Patron Saint of Publicity by an American church and in early 2002 he was featured as a character in fictional novel, "No Glove, No Love." His agency, PRhq, offers clients publicity, promotion and television production facilities.

With his excellent media contacts the publicist is described by the UK's PR Week magazine as"one of the industries fastest rising stars."

Amongst other things, he is known as Mr Publicity and has been handling Kiss and Tell stories for over a decade. He formed The Big Story under the Kiss and Tell auction site Kiss N Sell along with Paul Herbert and other highly connected Newspaper Publicists and Media Consultants. 

Kiss n Sell director Kizzi Nkwocha is considered the UK's Mr Publicity.  Including amongst others, Atlantic crossing teenager Michael Perham who, at the age of 16 is planning to become the youngest person to complete a solo trip around the world, BBC interviewee Guy Goma and Dragons Den entrepreneur Levi Roots. He has had a career advising people on marketing kiss n sell type stories and tales of personal achievement. Nkwocha has generated over three million pounds in fees for his clients in a period of ten years. 

Nkwocha has been featured in a Channel 4 documentary on kiss and tell stories, he was voted by The Voice newspaper as one of the most important black people in the UK and was even featured as a character in the best selling fictional novel, No Glove No Love. A published author, Kizzi Nkwocha has presented both TV and radio shows in the UK and abroad. 

Kizzi published a book called Heaven's fire, an adventure novel describing the adventures of Enoch (Noah's Great Grandfather) lost scriptures. The book was released in order to be read on mobile phones.



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