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Biography of Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU

Congo-Brazzaville > Arts : Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU

Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU Rhode Bath-Schéba MAKOUMBOU
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Born on 29/08/1976 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoumbou (b. August 29, 1976 ), is an artist from Congo Brazaville.

Professional experience :
  • As a child her father, painter David Makoumbou , initiated her in the art of painting. She really engaged in art since 1989.
  • In her paintings and sculptures she emphasizes social activities of African women. Generally, she uses knifes to create her oil paintings. Her works [focus on preserving African traditions through art, by creating representations of rural life scenes, with an emphasis on celebrating the essential role of women in those societies] excel in realistic and cubic style.
  • Since 2002, she creates sculptures from compound materials (sawdust and wood glue), some of which are over 3 meters (9.84  feet).
  • As from 2003, she started an important international career, and exposes now in the whole world.

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Last update : 08/29/2009

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