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Biography of Georges FIKRY IBRAHIM

Egypt > Arts : Georges FIKRY IBRAHIM

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Biography :

George Fikry Ibrahim

George Fikry was born in Cairo, studied fine arts, got PH.D in year 2000.He is now a Professor in Art Education Faculty -Helwan University.He is teaching philosophical, cultural,social fundementals for visual & education arts. He has different activities in environmental & social fields. He has done workshops: art, experimental, visual workshops to varieties of Egyptian society like children, women, artistic youths -These workshops  are done in cultural, educational& social institutions.He has participated in more than 60 individual & group galleries inside & outside Egypt.His most important art projects: Earth Methology (1993 -1996) ,Successions of Soul, Body& Dream (1997-1999) -Iegend successions ( 2000 -2001) - Triple of chamber painting ( 2001-2004) -Narration icons( 2005 -2007). He has participated in different International Biennales among them :10th Cairo International Biennale& won prize(Fikry) , also Venice Biennale 52 .He has different trials in the visual & numerical art fields.He uses different materials & computer techniques in different fields like Animation,Video Art, Photography, Graphics, Installations, Perfomance Art&Digital Video.These techniques to show the importance of subjects he has done, he has embodied oriental social rituals, customs & traditions. He has also done imaginative & expressive narration to the egyptian scene & its social,cultural& political changes.He has choosen ritual symbols & signals which have iconic & folkloric deepness.Also constant& changeable:visual,social, dogmatic scenario ,as social humanatarian  relationships are interacting relationships among people, faith ,life &future.Issues like identity, viewing outside world, regaining regional visual shape as regional character has its cultural speciality which binds to African scene as a whole for incorporation& cultural dialogue all over the world.Fikry is also interested in personal meaning related to changeable narration in the form of compound symbols also current changeable events &updating these frames through different available expressions.Throughout putting different curriculum, shape, technology strategies&through taking semantic& materialized culture to show new curricula detailed painting to nature of double & three dimensional things :which represent contemporary,oriental& egyptian culture.

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