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Biography of Monty JONES

Sierra Leone > Science : Monty JONES

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Biography :

Monty Jones ( 1951), is a plant breeder from Sierra-Leone.Dr. Monty Jones became the first African to win the World Food Prize in 2004(he developed  Nerica,the New Rices for Africa) and in 2007 he was voted one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People.AGRA Board member; the First Executive Secretary of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) in Accra, Ghana.

When Africa breaks free from the grip of poverty and famine—as it now looks poised to do—Monty Jones, 56, will have played a pivotal role. A native of Sierra Leone, Jones is the revered plant breeder who developed NERICA, the New Rices for Africa, a set of high-productivity rices adapted to West Africa's growing conditions. Jones' efforts in creating NERICA are legendary. He and his team painstakingly crossed varieties of Asian and African rices to find stable and fertile breeds that would combine the yields of Asia's plants and the toughness of Africa's. NERICA is now being taken up by farmers across West Africa, boosting food security and incomes. Jones' work has also helped inspire other groups to support an African Green Revolution. The payoff will be a healthy, well-nourished continent on a path to economic development.

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