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Biography of Joachim CHISSANO

Mozambique > Politics : Joachim CHISSANO

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Born on 22/10/1939 (format : day/month/year)

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Biography :

 Joachim  Alberto Chissano (b. October 22,1939), was president of Mozambique for nineteen years from 1986 until 2005. On October 2007, he has been named as the first winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leardership.

ON October 22, 2007, Joachim Chissano, former President of Mozambique, became the first African leader to receive the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation Prize was founded in October, 2006, by Mo Ibrahim, a 61-year old Sudanese billionaire, and it awards, on an annual basis, a $5 million prize to any sub-Saharan Head of State who, upon leaving office, has exhibited the greatest commitment to democracy and good governance. Regarded as the largest of its kind in the world, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Prize surpasses the Nobel Peace Prize, which is $1.4 million. The fund is spread over a period of 10 years and includes $200,000 per annum for life, thereafter. The winner will also be entitled to about $200,000 annually, for 10 years, to prosecute any public project and other good causes of his choice.

The Prize is reserved for only democratically elected Presidents, who will be judged by their performance in eight areas, including offering socio-economic security to their citizens and promoting the rule of law and political freedom. To qualify for nomination, the potential candidate must have left office when his term ran out without the taint of tenure elongation.

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