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Biography of Abdoulaye BIO-TCHANé

Benin > Finance : Abdoulaye BIO-TCHANé

Abdoulaye BIO-TCHANé
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Biography :

Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané (b. November 1952) ,was the director , of the African department of IMF until December 2007. In January 2008, he was named President of the (BOAD), West African Development Bank.

Born at Parakou in north west of the Republic of Benin. From primary school in Djougou, he then went to college at the Béhanzin Lycée at Cotonou. He then went to France and gained a masters degree in economics. A few years later he obtained a BES at the West African training centre (COFED) in Dakar, Senegal. In 1983 this diploma was completed with a DES in Islamic banking. The ex governor of the BCEAO Charles Konan Banny named him Vice Governor at the BCEAO, where he remained from 1992-1996. During this time, from 1994-1996 he was also secretary for the Convergence Council of the UEMOA. He became a director of the BCEAO in 1996 until 1998 when he was invited to become the Minister of Economy and Finance for the Benenese government under the Presidence of Mathieu Kérékou.

In January 2002 he was invited by the IMF (International Monetary fund) to become the African Director for the institution. This was the higherst International position that had been held by someone from the Republic of Benin. His mandate was extended for a second term which would have come to an end in January 2008. His nomination as President of the BOAD came about when the previous President Charles Konan Banny was called to become the Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast.  The Beninese press has recently stated that his next ambition is to become a supreme magistrat in 2011.

Family situation:He is divorced and has three children.

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