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Biography of Adame BA KONARé

Mali > Literature : Adame BA KONARé

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Born on 01/05/1947 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Adame Ba Konaré (born in 1947), is a Malian historian and writer.

Adame Ba Konaré (born 1 May, 1947 in Segu, Mali) is a noted Malian historian and writer who is married to Alpha Oumar Konaré, former President of Mali. She is active in several causes for newborns and refugees.

Adam Ba Konare, hailing from a Fula family, studied in Poland during the Cold War along with her husband. She earned a degree in history and was a professor until her husband president Alpha Oumar Konare's presidency. She has written various types of book, from Biographies(about Sunni Ali Ber) to philosophy (L'Os de la parole) or even a novel (Quand L'ail se frotte a l'encens), which's plot focuses on the social gap in a fictionnal society redolent of Mali's. For this book, her style has been compared to French authors Zola and Hugo's works. Although officially retired, she is often invited to world Historian  conferences and has made herself popular for saying once on a French channel: "The hen knows the sun has risen and yet lets the rooster sing", which is many consider to be a "Feminist" Malian proverb. Adam Ba Konare is also a fierce feminist, and the founder in Bamako of one of the few "Woman's museum" in Africa.

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