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Biography of Mounir FATMI

Morocco > Arts : Mounir FATMI

Mounir FATMI Mounir FATMI
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Biography :

Mounir Fatmi (born in 1970), is a Moroccan artist.

Born in 1970 in Tangier, Morocco; lives in Paris and in Tangier.

Fatmi conceived his installation as a kind of calligraphic system, however, instead of ornate arabesques, he spreads the tangle of a 500 meters long antenna cable that has been deprived of its function. A dog that is painted onto the wall barks at it. This refers to the idea of the famous experiment with Pavlov’s dog, who after a short phase of training will salivate at the ring of a bell, anticipating food even though none is presented.

The artists writes: "Social psychologists have adapted the model for their theories on the influence of advertisement on consumers. … The results of these kinds of studies allow us to understand the interaction between explicit and implicit behaviour. One can derive questions in how far our society is conditioned by the flow of information or by its absence."

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