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Biography of Eillen PERRIER

Ghana > Arts : Eillen PERRIER

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Biography :

Eillen Perrier is a Ghanaian photographer.

Eillen Perrier was born in 1974 from Ghanaian parents, and she lives in England.
Eileen Perrier’s intimate colour portraits celebrate individuality, within the framework of accidental common ground. Her luscious portraits are full of empathy and understanding for her subjects, allowing them to transform their surroundings through the distinct fulfillment of themselves. Perrier photographs her sitters at their most relaxed, like old friends. With their guards dropped, these individuals reveal a unique character that transcends the shared aspects of each image. By making this distinction, Perrier questions the ways we construct public and private identities, or how we find that others construct them for us.

 She captures the unique characteristics of her subjects, the movement of an arm or the angle of a head that make them stand out from their surroundings. Within the prestigious galleries where they work, Perrier brings these personalities to the centre stage.

In Perrier’s new work Found she photographs strangers that pass through her studio building. Each sitter poses with a dropped or discarded object that had been found in the street. The meaning/ history attached to each of these objects is re-defined by the individuality of Perrier’s subjects. Perrier always tries to give a copy of each photograph she takes to her subject. This acts as an acknowledgment between photographer and sitter whilst building the trust that gives her access to the intimate personalities of her subjects.

Eileen Perrier lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Drawing with Light at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham 2003, Brixton Studio at The Photographers’ Gallery, London 2002, Envol at The Oxo Tower, London 2002 and Grace on The London Underground, Piccadilly Circus 2002. She is the winner of SPACE¹s Cultural Diversity Award 2003.

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