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Biography of John GODSON

Nigeria > Politics : John GODSON

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Born on 25/11/1970 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

John Abraham Godson born November 25, 1970, is a Polish politician of Nigerian origine. a university teacher and a former Pentecostal minister. He is the first black Polish Member of Parliament and a member of the Civic Platform party.

Godson a popular and highly educated man with many advance degrees is presently serving as a councilman in the central city of Lodz, before becoming a member of national parliament.
He promised to commute to Warsaw during his tenure and will continue to live in Lodz, saying: “I am from Lodz, I will live here, I want to die here and I want to be buried here.”


Godson, born Godson Chikama Onyekwere in Nigeria in 1970, moved to Poland in 1993 as a Pentecostal missionary and began accumulating degrees – including a master’s in international relations from the Lodz Academy of International Studies. Godson married a local Lodz woman and had four children, becoming a naturalized Polish citizen in 2001. Soon after he jumped into the city’s political scene, joining the Lodz City Council in 2008.

When former MP Hanna Zdanowski left her spot in Parliament to become mayor of Lodz in 2010 Godson took over her seat in the Sejm that December, with his historic swearing-in ceremony broadcast live on Polish television. Called ‘Poland’s Obama’ by some, Godson uses his position as member of the Civic Platform to promote education, a natural fit considering his background (Godson is currently working on two doctorate degrees: one in political science from the University of Warsaw, and one in management from the University of Lodz). Many Poles say Lodz’s Godson is not a novelty but rather a sign that the country’s citizens want to challenge the stereotype of Poland as a homogenous society unfamiliar with diversity. Godson told Reuters that standing out has been a good thing when it comes to his career. “Being a black… has helped me in my political service because at least it has made me conspicuous. It makes me kind of visible in the things that I do. So I think it has helped me.”

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