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Biography of Arthur PESTANA OU PEPETELA

Angola > Literature : Arthur PESTANA OU PEPETELA

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Born on 29/10/1941 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Arthur Pestana known as Pepetela (b.Octo 29, 1941) in the city of Benguela to white Angolan parents. He is recognised as a leading Angolan novelist with a consummate ability to mesh personal and political elements within a historical context. He occupied a leading position in the fight against Portugal’s colonialism and was a member of the first government after the independence. Ever since he has published novels and stories about his country. Pepetela lives in Luanda, where he teaches Sociology at the university.

Pepetela’s career as a writer started during the war for independence, when he wrote his first novel, Mayombe, published in 1980, in which he describes the conflicts in Angola’s fight for liberation.
His novels are mainly set against the backdrop of important historical events during almost a century of Angolan history. An essential theme of his work is the greatness and strength of past cultures still existing in modern Angola.
The ironical, merciless portrait of the country’s capital Luanda in O desejo de Kianda (“Kianda’s Desire”) shows a post-colonial Angola worn down and devastated by four decades of colonial and civil war. Geração da utopia (“The Generation of a Utopia”) provides a unique vision of the author’s own generation, its dreams of independence, its fights and victories, despair and hope.


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