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Biography of Nebiha GUEDDANA

Tunisia > Science : Nebiha GUEDDANA

Born on 26/01/1949 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Nebiha Gueddana born January 26, 1949, is aTunisian Professor of medicine and political leader, was ranked by Earth Times among the 100 men and women who have influenced the main development projects worldwide.

Secretary of State for Social Affairs, Women and Family from 1989 to 1993 (Tunisia), and President of the Commission on Equal Opportunities and Law Enforcement (Tunisia, 1997-2000), she has built a reputation as a leader in the promotion of women’s rights, gender, and the empowerment of women.

A pioneer in a leading country in the field of women’s rights, she is known for her courage to raise sensitive issues, her determination to change mentalities and attitudes, and her success in conducting important reforms for the benefit of women and social progress in Tunisia.

An expert with the UN Development Program and with the Consultative Committee related to the General Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), her scientific and political talents have enabled her to hold many decision making positions in Tunisia and worldwide. She made herself a name in 1994 through her active contribution to the founding of the South-South Partnership for Population and Development bringing together 24 African, Asian and Latin American countries. She was the first president and is currently an active member of its executive committee.

Her efforts in launching and managing South-South cooperation projects for the benefit of women in Africa and throughout the Arab region were rewarded by the South-South Partnership Award, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency Award (JICA) for 2008, and United Nations Development Program Award. Conscious of the importance of international cooperation as a powerful lever of development,

Nebiha Gueddana enjoys a remarkable capacity for advocacy and fund raising with decision makers. She applies all her managerial rigour to the optimal use of resources, guaranteeing the highest performance indicators. She actively takes part in civil society activities and is known for her unfailing support to NGOs.

She cooperates actively and closely with UN agencies and contributes her expertise to the implementation of the objectives of the Beijing and Cairo Conferences, as well as the Millennium Development Goals. She was actively involved in all the stages of the process for the adoption of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

She is endowed with a strong capacity for communicating with the mass media and has skilfully mobilized them around the importance of valuing the role of women in the socioeconomic development plans and the protection of their rights. She regularly keeps the mass media informed on good practices in developing countries, including Tunisia, a leading country in religious tolerance and women’s rights.

Heading since 1994 Tunisia’s National Family and Population Agency, which works for women’s and family’s rights, she has transformed this governmental institution to become a fully fledged executing agency for reproductive health programs including maternal health, youth sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention programs, women’s cancers, and the prevention of gender-based violence.

She has given the National Family and Population Agency a regional dimension by extending its programs to Arab and African countries while multiplying its partnerships with international sponsors.

As a politician and head of many projects, she has led several studies related to women’s rights and human development. She has supervised many national and regional (Arab and African) research projects and studies centred on socio-demographic transformation, health and gender in collaboration with European (INED, INSERM), American (Population Council, USAID, Population Action International, Genuity), and Arab (Arab league) and African (UEAP, CEFA IFORD) research institutions.

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