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Biography of Malika OUFKIR

Morocco > Literature : Malika OUFKIR

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Born on 02/04/1953 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Malika Oufkir born April 2, 1953, is a Moroccan writer and the eldest daughter of General Mohammed Oufkir, the second most important person in the kingdom having been minister of the Interior and a close friend of the defunct King Hassan II during the 1960's.

At the age of five, Malika Oufkir was adopted by the then king Mohammed V (the fathe rof Hassan II). Therefore she was brought up in the Royal Palace in the town of Rabat and received the education reserved for a princess of Royal blood.

However in 1972 after a failed rebellion started by General Oufkir who was arrested and executed, his family composed by his wife Fatema and their six children were sent to a secet prison in the Sahara desert. IT was thus that Malika found herself in the dungeons of the Royal palace.

After nineteen years in prison, Malika tried, along with one of her brothers and two sisters made an attempt to escape and, although not successful, they managed to inform the French authrorities. As a consequence, five years later, when one of her other sisters managed to escape, an intenrational scandal was raised with such clamour that the family were allowed to leave Morocco.

With help from the French writer Michèle Fitoussi, Malika Oufkir published a book about her imprisonement and how she passed her youth in Hassan II's prisons; called the Prisoner, a second volume called the Stranger was published in 2006 which described her return to freedom.

She is married to a frenchman, Eric Bordeuil and has converted to catholiscism, as is mentioned in her book the Prisoner.

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