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Biography of Bessora BESSORA

Gabon > Arts : Bessora BESSORA

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Biography :

Bessora (b. in  1968), is a writer from Gabon and Switzerland


Bessora (b. in  1968), is a writer from Gabon and Switzerland

Bessora was born in Brussels, the granddaughter of a confectioner and a milkman, and the daughter of a diplomat. She grew up between Europe, the USA and Africa. As a young girl, she wanted to become a stewardess because she spent so much time in hotels, airports and planes. She eventually studied management at HEC in Switzerland. After four years in the dry world of international finances in Geneva, Bessora left her golden girl outfits behind and went to study anthropology in Paris where she moved with her daughter and registered at l’école des Hautes études en Sciences Sociales, and at l’Université Paris- IX Dauphine. She started studying documents on the history of the development of the oil industry in the Gabonese Republic and submitted her PhD thesis. Her studies in anthropology and her need to write made her decide to start writing novels. Her most recent publication is Cueillez-moi jolis Messieurs ; it is her fifth novel and is full of tenderness and sarcasm.



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