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Biography of Malika BELLARIBI LE MOAL

Algeria > Music : Malika BELLARIBI LE MOAL

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Born on 01/01/1956 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Malika Bellaribi Le Moal (born in 1956) is an exceptional professional singer who comes from Algeria. She has been performing as a solo singer since 1987 and has, since, given more than 200 concerts. She has sung in concert halls such the "Cortot, salle Gaveau et salle Pleyel", however she prefers giving open air concerts making her music available to all who wish to hear.

She has an exceptional voice which is a rich mix of sounds which mixes the velvet of black singers and adds a complexity of sounds that produce the voice for which she is famous. Her concerts have brought happiness to all those "young sisters" of hers from the suburbs who managed to attend her concerts.

Nothing from Malika's background could have pre-disposed her to the career in which she has found success. Born in 1956 in Nanterre into a large and poor  family, at the age of three she was run down by a truck and her lower body and legs were left with multiple fractures. Her various passages in hospital found her in a convalescent association run by Nuns and she was plunged into the world of christianity with its chants and songs. This emotional shock was her first step into a new world. Her accountancy studies were unsatisfactory and she soon found herself joining a small choral group.

She had a tough time in the chorale but she stuck in and went on to study music where she obtained a diploma from the National Teacher's training school ad from the International School of music in Paris. She went on to perform as a solo artist in 1987. Her husband Christia Le Moal has always stuck to her and provided support for her various endeavours. Her project of bringing music to people from poorer backgrounds has earned her the title of the "Diva of the Slums". 

Her autobiography "Les sandales blanches" was published in 2008. The book told the story of her life from 1956 through to 2005. The book shows the poignant contrast between her slum up bringing and her rise to the comfortable life of an educated and accomplished women, the contrast of culture with her Algerian parents and her large family, the fight for the right to education and the difficulties of doing so and despite the hostility of a world which hadn't heard of an Algerian Opera singer.

Clarins Awards in 2011

Clarins bestowed its 14th annual Femme Dynamisante award, which recognizes a woman who dedicates herself to improving the lives of children, on French-Algerian opera singer Malika Bellaribi-le-Moal.
Throught all her sufferings Bellaribi-le-Moal continually sought refuge in singing. Today, she shares her love for the art with underprivileged children through opera workshops in Parisian suburbs. The classes are meant to equip young people with tools to surmount their disadvantaged situations.

Nicknamed the “diva of the suburbs,” Bellaribi-le-Moal plans to use the prize of 45,000 euros, or $62,325 at current exchange, to develop her workshops and teaching methods in other areas of France.



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Malika Bellaribi:Diva of the suburbs

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